UBA Luftqualität

How good is the air, that we are breathing? For the Umweltbundesamt we built the app “UBA Luftqualität” for iOS and Android. It uses current, official data gathered by over 300 UBA measuring stations and shows contaminants like fine particulate matter (PM₁₀), nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) and ozone (O₃) and based on them the air quality index (LQI) for a given time and location. Historical data of recent days and weeks is also available.

The app gives recommendations for outdoor activities based on the air quality index and recommendations for allergy sufferers.

The project was realized together with our long time partners Studio GOOD for design and werk21 for backend development.

The app is built for iOS and Android phones and is localized in German.

Umweltbundesamt Luftqualität App
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UBA Luftqualität App – Kartenansicht
UBA Luftqualität App – Stationsansicht
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UBA Luftqualität App – Karteneinstellungen